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Project Spotlight: Stainless Steel Meets Stilettos

In Part 3 of our project spotlight series, we highlight a collaboration with designer Kelvin Kellman for weavemesh crafted for a shoe boutique in Midtown Toronto.

Project Spotlight: Mild Steel (Unfinished) Expanded Metal

Continuing our project spotlight series is a post on how to manufacture a mild steel (unfinished) expanded piece of expanded metal!

Project Spotlight: Manufacturing Weavemesh

In March 2016, Ferrier Design finished creating a weavemesh piece for award-winning restaurant Nightingale. Here is how we manufactured it in house. 

Ferrier Wire Makes Space for New Custom Fabricating Area

Last summer’s decision to scrap Ferrier Wire’s mesh welder opened up a beautiful space in the middle of our shop.  We decided to turn that space into a new custom fabricating area.  In January we invested in a new Lincoln Precision 275 TIG welder for this area...

A Resilient Solution for Rusty and Highly Corrosive Base Operations

It is widely known that stainless steel confers excellent results when it comes to rust resistance. Its use in making chicken wire meshes indelibly embeds the rust resistance features on the end product. The resultant stainless steel mesh and its accompaniments offer high resistance to rust and damage by adverse weather conditions. Its use in moist conditions is indubitably the most common, especially among farming communities of North America and Europe.