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Customer Profile: StudioLa Beauté Profile
Customer Profile: StudioLa Beauté Profile
November 01, 2018

Perforated metal products and meshes are useful for interior design and architectural purposes. One of our valued clients is Studio La Beauté, which uses metal meshes as finishing touches for their stellar fabric creations.


StudioLaBeauté is in its 24th year of public business under the direction of lifelong artist Camal Pirbhai, an expert in the design and creation of soft furnishings. Pirbhai began his work in curtain creation, as an apprentice in London England, and today puts his unique talent to good use for architects and interior designers throughout Canada.


Perhaps the most compelling aspect of Pirbhai’s approach to soft furnishings is his desire to keep his art “human.” Each of his designs are sketched by hand, sewn by hand, and perfected by hand. The passion he has for his craft is clear in every curtain and pattern he works with, and the results are stunning.


Ferrier Wire is happy to have contributed perforated metal products to StudioLaBeauté’s designs, including the chain-link perforated curtain design (pictured).


Pirbhai’s approach to art revolves around atmospheric balancing and elegance through simplicity. To learn more about StudioLaBeauté’s creations, feel free to visit their website and social media channels, where more of Pirbhai’s stunning artistic talent is on display.

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