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Ever wondered what some of the uses of a weave mesh are? Woven wire mesh is a widely used material that has a great variety of uses. One of the most common applications is fencing. Most people think that this is the only use of wire mesh but they are absolutely wrong. Wire mesh has always been used for this application due to its ease of installation and cheap cost of production. Compared to concrete fencing, wire mesh fencing is much cheaper.

Manufacturers of the weave mesh offer various custom solutions to ensure that they meet the filtration needs of their clients. The Dutch weave filter mesh that is used in various industries offer superior filtration capabilities that make it very essential in operations. Some of the industries that heavily rely on these products are aerospace, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, waste treatment and mining.

Welded wire mesh is a product that is easily noticeable in screen doors and window screens for heavy-duty use. It is also used in fencing, dividing rooms and for shelving. It can also be used behind the scenes in walls, plumbing and ceilings. If you are planning to do some renovations in your house, you will find out that welded wire mesh...


Please visit us at IIDEX 2015 at booth #6233 on Wednesday December 2nd and Thursday December 3rd. 

Ferrier Wire manufactures the best quality products using cutting-edge technology. It makes available the exquisite quality products in various specifications.  This esteemed company proves to be of great help and benefit for all those who want to get copper mesh with dimensional accuracy, superb finish and durability.