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Copper is known for being versatile and bio static. It also has high tensile strength, low thermal expansion, sustainability, long lasting, maintenance free, low thermal expansion, does not react with water and fire safety. It is often referred to as an ideal metal in different ways. Its qualities are the main reason why manufacturers came up with copper mesh.

The welded wire mesh is manufactured by different companies all over the world. This is mainly because of the numerous applications that it has in different industries. You can get stainless steel or galvanized steel mesh easily through the internet. The meshes are commonly used for protection and security purposes. 

perforated metal is simply a piece of metal that has holes on it. They are made by stamping a sheet of metal in order to achieve a certain function. Dynamics like power generation, construction, food processing, security, industrial equipment and many more find the need to use this kind of metal for their daily processes.

As spring approaches, many farmers are worried because it means slugs. This is because of the favorable conditions that are created by the wet weather that allow the slugs to thrive especially in the gardens. However, you can use the copper mesh to control the slug in your garden very effectively. 

Galvanized wire mesh is used in numerous applications especially where stainless steel is not required. The mesh is usually made by coating a wire with zinc. The coating needs to be thick to ensure that it offers enough protection to the underlying wire.