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Ferrier Wire and Design Metals offers a wide variety of wire mesh (weavemesh and weldmesh), perforated metals (design and round hole pattern) and expanded metals for use in a wide variety of industrial, architectural and design applications.  Please contact us to see if we can assist you with your requirements and or would be interested being the subject of a blog post.

3 Popular Ways To Fabricate Wire Meshes

January 06, 2023

Wire mesh is one of the most versatile materials in manufacturing and engineering. From chicken wire, bronze mesh and copper mesh to even stainless steel wire mesh, they have a wide range of industrial applications. But how are wire meshes fabricated? In this blog post, the three popular methods used for fabricating wire meshes: welding, shearing and punching will be examined. 


3 methods of fabrication.



Welding is a popular way to fabricate wire meshes because it is a fast and efficient way to create a strong joint between two pieces of metal. Welding can be done by using an electric arc, gas flame, or laser beam to heat the metal and create a weld bead. This method is mostly used to create a welded wire mesh, be it carbon steel, stainless steel, or galvanized steel. The result is a strong and rigid grid-like structure which finds use in many industries, especially construction for reinforcing concrete.



There are many ways to fabricate wire meshes, but one of the most popular is shearing. Shearing is a process in which a piece of metal is cut into two pieces using a power shear. This method is often used to create straight or angled cuts in metal sheets or plates. It can also be used to cut wire mesh to size. This is particularly useful for pre-existing woven wire meshes that need to be fitted into a particular space. 



Punching is done using a punch press, which is a machine that uses moulds to create shapes out of wire mesh. The moulds are placed on the bed of the machine, and the wire mesh is fed through the moulds. The punch press then cuts the wire mesh into the desired shape.


Ferrier Wire Goods Company Ltd. manufactures a wide range of wire meshes such as bronze mesh, copper mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, and more. Contact us to place your order today.

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