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170 Mulock Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M6N 3C8
Phone: 888-769-5280
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Customer Spotlight: Oak & Tenon Custom Furniture

Our recent collaboration with Oak & Tenon, a proudly Canadian company that specializes in custom furniture and cabinetry, have gone very well; read on to learn more about their projects!

Product Spotlight: Insect (Window) Screen

Among our woven wire mesh products, Ferrier Wire offers a wide range of specialty insect (window) screens made from a variety of metals which are more aesthetically pleasing and longer-lasting than run-of-the-mill nylon insect screens.  We stock aluminum (bright and black), brass, bronze, copper and stainless steel insect screens.

Customer Profile: Watchtower Interiors

The highly versatile nature of Ferrier Wire’s wire and perforated metal products means that we are able to service a wide range of clients in a large number of businesses across Ontario. One of our recent projects has been with Watchtower Interiors, a family-owned manufacturer for custom kitchens and cabinetry for homes in the Greater Toronto Area.

Product Spotlight: The Benefits of a Galvanized Steel Mesh

Galvanized metal is a versatile and industrial material that sees common use in a great many different industries, for good reason. Our galvanized steel mesh products are commonly used in the agricultural and construction industries; the purpose of this post is to discuss why.

Product Spotlight: Understanding Expanded Metal

Expanded metal can be a difficult product to fully understand. The purpose of this post is to try and clear up some of the confusion and remove some of the mysteries surrounding expanded metal.