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Ferrier Wire Weavemesh Specifications

As a supplier of weavemesh to a wide range of artists and businesses, we work to customize each piece to suit the desired application. This involves the use of very technical terms to describe sizing, thickness and spacing, to name a few. Here is a short list we've put together to help you understand the universal specifications for weavemesh. 

Product Spotlight: Welded Wire Mesh (Weldmesh)

We are your experts in all things weldmesh - from mild steel, GBW, GAW, and re-galvanized hardware cloth, we carry a variety of mesh that can be tailored to match your industrial application. In out latest blog we discuss their manufacturing process and applications. 

You can now find Ferrier Design on social media through Ferrier Wire. 

Product Spotlight: All About Our Wire

At Ferrier Wire, we boast a high quality selection of wire that includes aluminum wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire, and mild steel wire.  

Product Spotlight: Ampliato (Expanded) Metals

Once expanded metal, now Ampliato: we have made it easier for you to recognize our expanded metal products from the other mesh and perforated products we carry. Find our expanded metal renamed as Ampliato followed by numerical designations. 

This guide provides an overview of the Ampliato line, including how it is manufactured and its various applications.