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170 Mulock Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M6N 3C8
Phone: 888-769-5280
Toronto: 416-769-5280
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New Building Signage!

It just got a lot easier to find us: we recently mounted new signage on our building! The sign is constructed out of stainless steel type 304 16ga. 

Country Spotlight: The Musee d’Orsay and its Wire Sculptures

We take a closer look inside one of the world's most famous museums to find intricate sculptures made of mild steel wire. 

Project Spotlight: The Perforated Metal Manufacturing Process

Here is the likely manufacturing process behind the beautiful perforated metal you see in places such as Zurich, Switzerland. 

Product Spotlight: Black PVC WeldMesh

Choose our Italian made Black PVC WeldMesh for your next guarding, cagemesh, or railing infill panel. 

Project Spotlight: Stainless Steel Meets Stilettos

In Part 3 of our project spotlight series, we highlight a collaboration with designer Kelvin Kellman for weavemesh crafted for a shoe boutique in Midtown Toronto.