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Ferrier Wire Design Woven Wire Mesh

Ferrier Design offers a range of architectural and design woven wire mesh and welded wire mesh.  We offer these products made from brass, bronze, copper, galvanized, mild steel and stainless steel metals as well as combinations of these metals for unique patterns.  For any questions regarding our Design weavemesh and weldmesh, please call or email us.  Samples are available on request.


Ferrier design woven wire mesh offers an excellent option for cabinetry, millwork, various infill applications, and other design applications. Many of our design woven mesh panels are woven in-house using our loom including our zeta patterns, our aluminum patterns, all of our 2 mesh, our Voliere patterns, as well as our doppio patterns (custom material combinations are available for our doppio pattern). Our design woven wire mesh catalog also offers the option to combine patterns for an even more aesthetic nature. An example of this is our GRILLIA KLMBRO20 pattern which is a double-layered mesh design. Our Arabesque pattern is also worth checking out as it can be paired with some of our design woven patterns for a more unique and textured look. 


Please note that our brass, bronze, and copper design woven wire mesh patterns do not come with any protective finish or coating. Therefore, if left exposed to the elements these materials will be subjected to color change over time. Please feel free to check out our blog where more details on the appearance of metals and finishing are available. 


For more design patterns from Ferrier Wire please also consider viewing our extensive variety of design perforated and design expanded metals as these collections may offer more choices for decorative metal panels.

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