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Ferrier Wire and Design Metals offers a wide variety of wire mesh (weavemesh and weldmesh), perforated metals (design and round hole pattern) and expanded metals for use in a wide variety of industrial, architectural and design applications.  Please contact us to see if we can assist you with your requirements and or would be interested being the subject of a blog post.

4 Benefits Of Stainless Steel Backsplash

December 30, 2022

When it comes to remodelling a kitchen, the backsplash can make or break the look. There are a variety of materials one can use for their backsplash. It ultimately depends on the individual budget and style preferences. Typical materials used are tiles or marble. However, stainless steel is also a good candidate. Apart from its use as a stainless steel wire mesh, this alloy can also become an attractive backsplash. In this blog, a brief explanation of this backsplash and its 4 benefits will be listed.

Merits Of Stainless Steel Backsplash.


What is a stainless steel backsplash?
A stainless steel backsplash is a sheet of stainless steel that is placed over the back wall of a kitchen stove. This backsplash protects the wall from grease, food splatters, and heat damage. It is easy to clean and maintain, and it creates a contemporary look in the kitchen. It can be made of plain stainless steel sheets or textured sheet metal. 

Benefits Of Stainless Steel Backsplash

Hygenic/Easy To Clean
Stainless steel is one of the easiest materials to keep clean. Because it is non-porous, it does not absorb dirt, grime, or other contaminants. That means it can be easily cleaned with a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. Vigorous scrubbing or using harsh chemicals can be avoided altogether. 

Heat Resistant
One of the major benefits of having a stainless steel backsplash is the heat resistance that it offers. Stainless steel can withstand high temperatures without being damaged, making it an ideal choice for areas behind cooktops and ranges. 


Extremely Durable
Stainless steel backsplashes are extremely durable and can last for years. They are easy to clean and maintain, and are resistant to scratches, staining, and chipping. As mentioned above, stainless steel backsplashes are also heat resistant, making them ideal for use in kitchens.


Can Make Kitchen Look More Spacious
A reflective surface can make a kitchen look more spacious. Stainless steel backsplashes reflect light and make the space appear larger. This is a distinct advantage in kitchens that is small or cramped or use light colours.

Ferrier Wire Good Company Inc. offers steel meshes, copper meshes, bronze mesh, chicken wire, and more, apart from textured sheet metal and decorative panels. To know more about these products, contact us today.


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