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Ferrier Wire and Design Metals offers a wide variety of wire mesh (weavemesh and weldmesh), perforated metals (design and round hole pattern) and expanded metals for use in a wide variety of industrial, architectural and design applications.  Please contact us to see if we can assist you with your requirements and or would be interested being the subject of a blog post.

Comparing Textured Sheet Metal And Laminates For Elevator Interiors

April 06, 2022

Metal sheets, including both textured and untextured, are an integral part of many industries. They are also used in designing elevators, especially the interiors. As such, there are two types of metals that find a consistent application here, laminated metal sheets or textured metal sheets. Since an elevator is designed for both durability and aesthetics, it’s important to know the difference between these two metals before selecting.


Difference between textured sheet metal and laminated metal.


Textured Sheet Metal


Primarily used in elevator interiors, this material offers incredible buckling and torsional strength, hence is suited for durability. Furthermore, the textured nature of the sheet makes it resistant to impacts, thereby minimizing scratches and bumps.


Another significant benefit of using this sheet metal is its low weight, and it can maintain significant strength without compromising on weight. Moreover, since the overall visible damage is little or non-existent, it is simple to maintain the elevator that uses a textured metal sheet. 


Lastly, the material is also easy to design, creating unique patterns that also bring aesthetic value to the elevators. Due to these advantages, textured sheet metal is used in areas where there is high contact with the metal surface such as traffic stops, telephone booths and more.


Plastic Laminated Metal


Sleek, smooth and versatile, there are numerous ways to design this metal, making it a great choice for elevator interiors. Much like a textured metal panel, plastic laminates can also withstand impacts due to their heat-treated surface. However, there is one caveat, the pressure treatment on the metal surface has to be of the highest quality to make it viable for elevators. Low-pressure treatment, although economical, might not fare well in terms of durability.


Thus, between plastic laminated or textured metal, it is clear that the latter is a better solution for this purpose, especially if the lift is used in a high traffic area. 

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