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Architectural Perforated Metal Spotlight: Aedelsten
Architectural Perforated Metal Spotlight: Aedelsten
August 31, 2017

Earlier this year, Ferrier Design participated in the first North American Architect@Work (A@W) tradeshow with a booth featuring one of our newest architectural perforated metal products. The pattern is known as Aedelsten and is made of mild steel (unfinished) custom plating and powder coating options.

As an attendee of the show, we showcased three of our architectural perforated metal products.

The Aedelsten constructs the panel of the Ferrier booth, with the frames custom-made out of stainless cold rolled steel. We recently completed a specification sheet for this product, which can be found here.

Among our clients, the Aedelsten is a popular choice to use in applications that involve millwork, privacy screens, cabinetry, built-in cabinets and radiator covers. It is also commonly found in applications for the residential, commercial and restaurant industry.

This particular architectural perforated metal product offers an orientation of 0.6975”, which is parallel to the width of the sheet. There is a 53.0% open area with a thickness of 22ga, which is 0.29” - .32”/.74mm - .81mm. Aedelsten sheets can be sheared to size: please email your requirements and size of pieces to us for a quotation.

In addition to the Aedelsten pattern, we also featured the Omicron and Miscela 2x2 weavemesh patterns as part of our A@W booth. Manufacturers, importers and distributors across North America were chosen to showcase innovative products that fall in one or more of the following categories:

  • Building envelope – Includes exterior hardware, façade and exterior cladding
  • Building systems – Such as fixed lighting and sanitary ware
  • Interior Finishing – Interior layout/design, hardware
  • Services, IT & Media
  • Organisations and trade associations

To read more about Ferrier Design’s booth and view photos, click here.

Read more about the A@W show here.

View our full range of architectural perforated metal products here.

Look out for specification sheets available for our full range of design weavemesh, brass and copper, expanded metal, stainless steel, fabricated products and perforated metal products.

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