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Cleaning A Steel Mesh Screen
Cleaning A Steel Mesh Screen
October 19, 2016

Cleanliness and steel mesh screens are very much closely associated and in a lot of applications, each of these is reliant with the other. When handling the cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food products, that stainless steel affords a degree of resistance to corrosion which is essential to avoid contamination of the product or rusting of the surface. Any steel mesh screen however will perform best if it’s clean since cleanliness is very integral to achieving the maximum corrosion resistance. This will include the different methods of eliminating free-iron contamination from the surfaces of the stainless steel screening which might have been collected from the welding processes or metalworking tools and for the removal of general buildup of grime, surface stains, and dirt which occur during the normal handling as well as element exposures.

The environment near the screen installation may also be responsible for detrimental conditions like an indoor swimming pool where humidity, heat and chlorine will be combined. Conditions on this nature will usually end in with surface discoloration of the stainless steel screens. This is the reason why frequent maintenance will be vital. A number of commercial solutions that are also available for different uses when utilized in relation with the instruction of the manufacturers are typically safe but if incorrectly used will result in corrosion or discoloration on stainless steel screens. With situations whereby the screens are wide-open, the acidic solution should be removed instantaneously and then it should be followed up with thorough flushing of the screen surfaces with the use of clean water. Actual required frequency when cleaning is typically dependent with the individual application. So the perfect policy when cleaning the screen when dirty is to restore its original appearance.

The Basic Procedure When Cleaning Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Because of the high total area percentage, steel screen mesh needs cleaning in a horizontal manner. If you attempt to clean the said screens while it is still attached from its structure, this is deemed as an unsafe practice and should never be recommended at all cost.

Besides the inefficiency from the cleaning fluid waste, the higher likelihood of destroying the materials adjoining in the structure which include but is not restricted to wood trim, painted surfaces, drywall, flooring and fabrics makes it very expensive. The added threat from exterior vegetation, animal and aquatic life is also very hazardous especially if the chemical cleaning additives are being used. When removed from the structure of the building, the stainless steel screens will be easier for cleaning. A quick soak from a shallow pool which is shallow with a combination of mild detergent in warm water followed with a clean rinsing is already sufficient in most applications. Whenever needed, gently scrubbing with soft bristled nylon brush in a detergent solution is key in enhancing the cleaning process.

If the stainless steel screening is very dirty, and is showing some signs of surface rust or discoloration, then you should consider another type of cleaning methods. 

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