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Customer Spotlight: Oak & Tenon Custom Furniture
Customer Spotlight: Oak & Tenon Custom Furniture
September 19, 2018

Hand-built furniture and woven wire mesh make for a strong combination. When we work with craftsmen and builders, we are often blown away by the quality of the crafts we contribute to. Recently, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Oak & Tenon, who describe themselves as having “a common passion for uncommon quality” – and this has been an effective sentiment to describe the work we have done together.


Oak & Tenon is a proudly Canadian company that specializes in custom furniture and cabinetry. With over thirty years of business and design experience, their passion and commitment to providing quality custom pieces with a strong sense of “artistry and tradition" is paramount from start to finish with each project. They create custom pieces for all areas of the home, from tables and chairs to Kitchens and built-ins.


We enjoy working with people who bring a sense of true passion into their work, and Oak & Tenon bring passion into absolutely every project they receive. The company offers custom design and manufacturing that emphasizes hard work and a dedication to their craft that is clear in every product they build.


Inspired by a shared love of custom design fused with natural elements, our custom furniture tells the tale of the craftsmen behind it.


A few examples of our recent work with Oak & Tenon appear in the gallery below. We hope that the owners of these furniture pieces appreciate and enjoy these works of art! It was a pleasure to work with Oak & Tenon on the construction of these pieces.


Keep an eye on this blog for more profiles on our valued customers, and feel free to contact us at any time to learn more! You can reach Ferrier Wire through the contact form on this site, or Oak & Tenon through the contact form on theirs.

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