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Ferrier Wire Makes Space for New Custom Fabricating Area


Last summer’s decision to scrap Ferrier Wire’s mesh welder opened up a beautiful space in the middle of our shop.  We decided to turn that space into a new custom fabricating area.  In January we invested in a new Lincoln Precision 275 TIG welder for this area.  Instead of purchasing a new welding table, it was decided that a custom built table for this space would be ideal.  Monique, with thirteen years of welding and custom fabricating experience designed and fabricated the table from scratch.  It has a ½” thick 4’ x 6’ top with vise mounting holes supported by a 36” high 3” x 3” x ¼” thick square tube frame mounted on ultra-heavy duty urethane casters for mobility.  It is built like a tank.  This new space, combined with the table and Monique’s abilities expand the line of custom fabricated products Ferrier Wire can offer.  Some examples of these products:



Office Organizers Strainers and filters    Furniture              
Light fixture Cages components
components Baskets Steel parts
Industrial accessories Metal boxes  



The new Lincoln Precision 275 TIG welder is a versatile machine that expands our capabilities and allows us to weld the following metals and products:  


Aluminum wire and Mild steel wire and Mild steel and 
mesh wire mesh stainless steel
Brass wire and mesh Mild steel perforated expanded metal
Bronze wire and metal Stainless steel
mesh Stainless steel wire perforated metal
Copper wire and and wire mesh  


Look forward to updates and new products rolling out from our custom fabrication area.

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