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Weave Mesh Filters - Uses and Configurations

Weave mesh filters are made from woven wires using various gauges and composition. These filters are used in a lot of industries for filtering, absorption, evaporation, and for separation of air or liquids from microscopic particles or contaminants. Wire filters are made to be resistant to acid, corrosion, and heat.

Customers love knowing that woven wire mesh is readily available to them to meet all their design needs for any architectural or interior design project.

Comparison Corner: Welded Wire Mesh vs. Chain Link Fence

Welded wire mesh and chain link fencing are among the most common types of fencing. But are there clear advantages to one over the other? At Ferrier Wire, we believe the choice is obvious.

Securing and partitioning an environment with a welded wire mesh is among the most commonly used strategies in today's industrial sector. While establishing a visual barrier, it also provides a form of security. If a thief were to attempt to break through a welded wire mesh system, they would require a tool that is more advanced then a bolt cutter, and would regardless spend a lot of time cutting the wire mesh. Breaking this kind of barrier is thus very improbable. Damaging and breaching a chain link fence is a lot less time consuming, on the other hand, thus making this type of barrier less secure.

A brass mesh is a product that is created by weaving several strands of wires made of brass in interlocking patterns to create various designs. To be able to create a coated wire mesh, the manufacturer needs to apply a coating material on the mesh. In most cases, plastic is the material that is used to offer protection for the mesh. A wire mesh that is coated will have numerous applications in all kinds of industries as well as at home.

Ever wondered what some of the uses of a weave mesh are? Woven wire mesh is a widely used material that has a great variety of uses. One of the most common applications is fencing. Most people think that this is the only use of wire mesh but they are absolutely wrong. Wire mesh has always been used for this application due to its ease of installation and cheap cost of production. Compared to concrete fencing, wire mesh fencing is much cheaper.