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As spring approaches, many farmers are worried because it means slugs. This is because of the favorable conditions that are created by the wet weather that allow the slugs to thrive especially in the gardens. However, you can use the copper mesh to control the slug in your garden very effectively. 

Galvanized wire mesh is used in numerous applications especially where stainless steel is not required. The mesh is usually made by coating a wire with zinc. The coating needs to be thick to ensure that it offers enough protection to the underlying wire.

The wide application of chicken wire mesh today is very evident. It appears in many of our day to day activities. The filters we use in the kitchen, waste baskets, window screens in our houses and the fences in the garden.

Chicken wire is a wire product that has numerous applications for farmers. It is a galvanized steel mesh made with hexagons that can be used in various ways depending on your requirements. It is also known as chicken fencing. It is mostly manufactured of steel to ensure that it is strong enough for its application. To ensure that it is not affected by corrosion, it is hot-dipped galvanized. The manufacturers of this product usually avail it in various widths ranging from 600mm to 1.8m while the lengths range from 5m to 50m. The mesh holes of chicken wire are available in 13mm, 25mm and 50mm sizes. You should be able to select the right measurements depending on the intended application of the product. You can also get advice from the manufacturer about which wire would be the best to use.

Manufacturers of perforated metal usually offer their customers a wide range of options. This is important because the applications of this product usually vary from one customer to another. You will also have the freedom to choose the material form making the product. Most of the manufacturers offer their clients choices such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized steel and many others when it comes to the metal used for perforations. The specifications of the metal to be manufactured will entirely depend on the requirements of the customers. The manufacturer generally offers different thicknesses that range from 0.35mm to 3mm. The width of the metal goes to as long as 1200mm. The length of the product will depend on your requirements and the logistics involved in shipping of the product. The standard sheet size is 1m by 1m. The coil width of 1m is also available. The manufacturer can make special products when you order them.