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Architectural Products - Decorative Metal Sheets and Panels

Ferrier Wire + Design Metals offers a wide range of design weavemesh, perforated metal, expanded (Ampliato) metal and patterned (Textura) metal options for architectural and design applications.  We offer products made from aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, galvanized, mild steel and stainless steel (various grades) .  

We produce custom weavemesh woven from aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, galvanized, mild steel and various grades of stainless steel wire. In addition to these metals, we offer plating and powder coating options for a select number of our products. For detailed information about the materials and finishing options/limitations, please visit our blog titled “Metals, appearances and finishing”.


How they are made


Our design and decorative weavemesh is woven on a pre-crimp weaving loom. First the raw wire is fed through a crimping machine which uses tooling that looks like gears to put the crimps (bumps) in the wire. The crimps help determine the pattern, keep the wires in place and provide strength to the mesh. The pre-crimped wire is then fed into the weaving loom and woven like fabric to create a woven wire mesh (weavemesh). We can weave patterns from a 2 x 2 mesh (1/2” x 1/2") up to 2” x 2” (depending on the wire dia) and can weave rectangular patterns such as our Zeta 1 pattern, and 2” x 1” x .144” dia weavemesh.


The design perforated metals are produced by feeding steel in the form of coil or sheets through a press. The press holds tooling which punches the patterns into the sheets. If it is a steel coil, the perforated metal is re-coiling again as it exits the press. The perforated metal coil is then fed through flattening rollers and then sheared to the finished sheet length. If the raw material is sheets, those sheets are fed through flattening rollers after they come out of the perforating press.


Expanded metal is manufactured by feeding coil or sheet stock through a press which slits and then expands the material to create the diamond (standard) pattern. In its raw form it is called regular or raised expanded metal. This material can then be fed through flattening rollers after which it is referred to as flattened expanded metal.


Uses of Decorative Metal Sheets and Panels


The design and decorative metal panels we offer can add interesting visual and textural elements to architectural and design projects. From cladding an entire museum with perforated metal to installing design weavemesh in a couple of kitchen cabinets, our products are used across a wide range of projects. Other applications include architectural millwork in retail, restaurant and office spaces, railing infill panels, ceiling tiles and privacy screens.


A list of applications of decorative metal sheets classified according to industry:






  • Construction: railing infill panels, partitions, ceiling tiles, fencing and guarding.
  • Interior Design: backsplash material, privacy screens, architectural millwork, cabinetry, radiator covers and soffit screens.
  • Transportation: vehicle grilles, air intake and exhaust covers.  
  • Other Uses: signage, commercial millwork, display shelves, public art installations.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our decorative metal sheets or decorative metal panels.


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