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Project Spotlight: Mild Steel (Unfinished) Expanded Metal
Project Spotlight: Mild Steel (Unfinished) Expanded Metal
July 27, 2017

Cold-pressed juice and mild steel wire make for an odd pairing – however, earlier this year we completed a project for a Greenhouse Studio Juice Co. location with guidance from award-winning design firm Kilogram Studio. The final piece can be found in the Saks Food Hall by Pusateri’s at the Eaton Centre in Toronto.

The final piece is a mild steel (unfinished) expanded metal piece using the Ferdxm0050 pattern. It has 0.98" x 5.23" clear openings and weighs 1.55 lbs. per square foot.


Creating this intricate and uniform pattern from a set of mild steel wire involves the work of a machine. Below are the steps in this manufacturing process:

  1. Sheet stock is fed into the machine, usually made from coil.
  2. A tool moves back and forth to slit (shear) the material and at the same time shapes the opening. The result is “raised” expanded metal.
  3. It can be then fed through flattening rollers to become "flattened" expanded metal, denoted by “1/2 – 16F”.

The Ferdxm0050 pattern is chosen over standard expanded metal for applications that require an aesthetic appeal; however, it does not compromise on durability. It can be formed to serve railing, guarding and shutter purposes, among others. Its standard dimensions are 3’SWD (short way of design) by 8’ LWD (long way of design).

Drop by the Greenhouse Studio Juice Bar during your next visit to the Eaton Centre to view this attractive integration of our mild steel wire!


Click here to read more about the inspiration behind the full design, and why this particular piece of decorative expanded metal was chosen. Stay tuned for a further renovation to the juice bar at this location.  


Browse our full range of mild steel wire, mesh and galvanized wire mesh for industrial applications by clicking here.




Interesting manufacturing process!
Posted by: Dave | December 18, 2017, 10:29 am
Beautiful and really functional screens!
Posted by: Sarah | December 4, 2017, 3:07 pm
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