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Various Uses of Weave Mesh That You May Not Know
February 19, 2016

Ever wondered what some of the uses of a weave mesh are? Woven wire mesh is a widely used material that has a great variety of uses. One of the most common applications is fencing. Most people think that this is the only use of wire mesh but they are absolutely wrong. Wire mesh has always been used for this application due to its ease of installation and cheap cost of production. Compared to concrete fencing, wire mesh fencing is much cheaper.

Have you ever asked yourself how farmers are able to keep their chicken or rabbits in one place? Well, the wire mesh has always offered a perfect solution in such cases. There are various types of weave mesh that have a very fine screen that is suitable for restricting movement of chicken and other small animals into  and out of the cage. Most manufacturers make such screens using very thin wires hence making them lighter cheaper and easier to install without the need for professional assistance. The advantage of using wire mesh as a perimeter fence for animals is that the animals can still enjoy fresh air and sunlight when compared to applications where wooden or sheet metal enclosed structures are used.

Time and again, you might have come across gabions especially in areas that are prone to soil erosion. Most gabions are made of stones enclosed in a weave mesh. The weave mesh is used to hold the stones in place which in turn trap eroded soil as well as reducing the speed of flow of rain water. Wire mesh is applicable is such cases since it is resistant to corrosion and has good strength properties that make it suitable for holding the stones in the gabion together in place. 

these kinds of designs really add flair to the architecture.
Posted by: Lynne M. | December 22, 2016, 1:17 pm
I've always been curious about using perforated metal, thanks!
Posted by: Gina | October 14, 2016, 11:55 am
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