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Weave Mesh and Its Various Types
Weave Mesh and Its Various Types
July 07, 2016

Weave mesh is also more commonly referred to as the wire cloth and is used in many applications because of its versatility. It is done by using sets of wires that are intertwined and formed into a weave. There are various types of weave mesh specifically used in different applications. We’ll list some of them below:

  • Dutch weave. This is a type of weave mesh that is done by employing some type of coarse mesh. The most distinguishing characteristic of a Dutch weave is that it is very durable and has very fine openings. The most common application for this type is when it is utilized as a filter cloth. The openings that can be found in a Dutch weave are made in such a way that the shape as well as the position will help ensure that there will be no accumulated particles inside.
  • Plain weave. The plain weave is considered to be the simplest of all the types of wire cloth weave. It is usually found in households. The weave is done by placing parallel wires that are positioned according to the cloth length. These parallel wires are then intertwined in an alternate manner so they run above and under each of the wire while maintaining a traverse course in relation to the cloth. The weaving is done by making sure that it is placed at an angle of 90 degrees. Plain weave is used in many applications that are too multiple to be listed below.
  • Twilled weave. Twilled weave is initially constructed with two wires that are warped and then alternately passed - above and under each other in an alternating manner. This pattern is done repeatedly but with various types of warped wires. The resulting appearance will then look like diagonal lines that are parallel to each other. With the twilled weave, it is possible to use a heavier wire which is an impossible feat when it comes to plain weaving. This is used in various applications where heavier items are employed and it provides better filtration.
  • Five Heddle weave. This type of weave mesh is done initially with five warped wires. Various fill wires are then passed over and below these five wires in an alternating manner. Not all weaving employs the use of heavier wire options and this type is one of the exception as it employs heavier types. It can be used in different applications and can bear heavy weight.
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