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What Is a Coated Brass Mesh?
March 11, 2016

A brass mesh is a product that is created by weaving several strands of wires made of brass in interlocking patterns to create various designs. To be able to create a coated wire mesh, the manufacturer needs to apply a coating material on the mesh. In most cases, plastic is the material that is used to offer protection for the mesh. A wire mesh that is coated will have numerous applications in all kinds of industries as well as at home. The sizes of the gaps that exist between the strands of wire are usually determined by the application of the mesh. The other consideration is the material that is used to create the mesh. Brass mesh is made of brass wires. It is ideal for a variety of applications. The other materials that can also be used to make wire mesh are aluminum and iron.

The main reason why a coated brass mesh is preferable is that it has a longer lifespan. The material that coats it preserves it making it more durable. This is especially noticeable when the mesh is used in an outdoor setting where it is exposed to all the weather elements that contribute to shortening its lifespan. A coated wire mesh can be used to construct a fence and therefore ensure that rust and general degradation does not affect it. The other reason why coated wire mesh is better than an uncoated one is due to its practicality. A good example is coat hangers that have a protective plastic coating. These hangers ensure that clothes do not come in contact with rust that might stain them. It also protects individuals from harmful protruding metals. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you use coated brass mesh whenever possible. And of course, when

Is it standardized or can it be custom manufactured?
Posted by: Guest | December 27, 2016, 1:11 pm
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