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Why Copper Mesh is Great for Your Garden
June 17, 2015

As spring approaches, many farmers are worried because it means slugs. This is because of the favorable conditions that are created by the wet weather that allow the slugs to thrive especially in the gardens. However, you can use the copper mesh to control the slug in your garden very effectively. The mesh can create a barrier that will keep the slugs out. The reason why the use of copper is very effective in this application is that slugs get a small electrical shock when they come into contact with materials made of copper. This will consequently change their direction of movement. The two products that you can use are copper mesh and copper flashing. The problem is that copper flashing is very rare to come across in the market. This means that this option is not always available for most of the gardeners.

The best product to use in controlling slugs in the garden is copper mesh. This is because it is easier to find in the market. It is usually 5-inches wide and comes in a 100-foot roll. You can cut this mesh into various lengths and then stake them like a small fence that will keep snails and slugs out of your garden. In addition to that, the fence is also strong enough to keep the rodents and other small pests out of your garden. The copper mesh is flexible and easy to set up. You can also reuse it several times before having to replace it. This is a great product especially for gardeners who have problems such as slug infestations. You can get the products easily via the internet or in the local stores that deal with gardening equipment. There are various manufacturers and suppliers of this mesh on the internet. It is vital that you get the mesh from a reliable source to ensure that it is of a high quality. 

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