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Ferrier Wire and Design Metals offers a wide variety of wire mesh (weavemesh and weldmesh), perforated metals (design and round hole pattern) and expanded metals for use in a wide variety of industrial, architectural and design applications.  Please contact us to see if we can assist you with your requirements and or would be interested being the subject of a blog post.

Fabrication Spotlight Series: Custom Fireplace Screens

November 17, 2017

This month we are beginning a new series that features the unique work we do in metal fabrication. As a division of Ferrier Wire, we specialize in the fabrication of custom metal pieces for architectural and design applications. Among our diverse selection of decorative wire mesh we offer fabricated products that can be customized. Our fireplace screens, for example, are designed and manufactured in-house:

  1. Firstly, we miter cut, weld and grind a steel square tube frame.  Feet and a spark guard are added at the bottom as a safety precaution to prevent sparks from jumping out from underneath the screen.
  2. Secondly, we fabricate a flat bar frame to hold the mesh to the square tube frame.  We tap the main square tube frame and sandwich the mesh in between the square tube frame and flat bar frame using screws.  The holes in the flat bar frame are counter sunk for an attractive flush finish on the back of the fireplace screen.
  3. Thirdly, all the pieces are sent out to be powder coated or plated. This includes the tube frame with feet, mesh, mesh holding frame and screws.
  4. Finally, we carefully assemble all the pieces at our facility to create the finished product.

The image you see of the fireplace screen here shows the square steel tube to be 1” x 1” x 1/8” thick, and the flat bar wire mesh support frame is ¾” x ¼”. The mesh is a mild steel 6x6 mesh x .047” diameter wire.

The fireplace screen was first invented to function as a barrier between a fire and the area surrounding it, specifically to reduce the chance of the fire spreading outside of the fireplace.  Present-day use is still to prevent fire and sparks from jumping out of the fireplace as well as to be used as an aesthetically pleasing cover fireplace when it is not in use.

You may find these screens made of decorative wire mesh in commercial, retail, residential and restaurant settings.

For more information on our custom fireplace screens, please contact us directly with inquiries. Take a closer look at our 6x6 mild steel mesh wire here. Click here for Ferrier Design’s selection of decorative wire mesh.

Looking for more information on our metal fabrication portfolio? Check out Ferrier Wire’s newest blog on our spiral perforated cylinders. 

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