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Ferrier Wire and Design Metals offers a wide variety of wire mesh (weavemesh and weldmesh), perforated metals (design and round hole pattern) and expanded metals for use in a wide variety of industrial, architectural and design applications.  Please contact us to see if we can assist you with your requirements and or would be interested being the subject of a blog post.

Fabrication Spotlight Series Part Two: Mesh Basket and Custom Screens

December 04, 2017

We wrap up our November fabrication spotlight series with a look at the making of two more fabricated products: a mild steel mesh basket with an exo-support frame and a stainless steel wire mesh lint screen.


Mild Steel Mesh Basket with Exo-Support Frame


Clients that require this product use it to place precision-machined optical components for cleaning in an abrasive blasting cabinet. Images one to three are of the mild steel mesh basket. We take ownership of the fabrication process:


  1. A metal band saw is used to mitre cut steel angle iron to size which is then welded together to  construct the perimeter of the square exo-support frame.
  2. Next, flat bar pieces are cut with an ironworker, which are then welded into a cross pattern and  welded in to the angle iron exo-frame to add support for the bottom of the mesh basket.  A round rod frame is formed and welded to the angle iron frame to facilitate handling of the basket.
  3. The interior basket is removable and constructed of a mild steel 10 x 10 mesh .035” dia weavemesh.
  4. The mesh is sheared to size, corners are notched, the mesh brake formed and then the corners are spot welded to complete the construction.  
  5. Finally, the entire basket is finished to remove any sharp edges. A variety of abrasives and grinding equipment are used in the finishing process.


Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Lint Screen


Images three to six show our custom fabricated stainless steel wire mesh lint screen clients request for their commercial laundry operation, which are also entirely fabricated by our team at Ferrier Wire. There are two parts to this product:


Outside Screen – This is constructed of a brake formed and welded 16 ga stainless steel frame, round rod handle and fine stainless steel mesh insert to capture the lint.  The final piece is finished to remove any sharp edges.  


Interior Screen - The other side of this screen is another 16 ga stainless steel frame which fits inside the outside frame.  A course stainless steel weavemesh is spot welded into this frame and again the piece is finished to remove any sharp edges.  A synthetic disposable filter media is inserted in between the two frames to complete the product for use.


For more information on any of the fabricated products above, please contact us directly. Please check back regularly to read more profiles of our products and what we’re up to as the year ends!


View Part One of this series here. View our full range of fabricated products here

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